History (All Versions)

---- Histort ------------------------------------------
- Fixed bug about SetPosition anim command
In and versions, the SetPosition anim commands were not visible in anim command window, in spite they were present in the animation.
It happened for default setposition or trng setposition (exported trng triggers for animcommands)

---- History ------------------------------------------
- Fixed bug about wrong folder used to load/save with ctrl key
In previous release, when you save current wad using click on [Save Wad] holding CTRL key, the program saved the wad using right name but it used always the default wad folder, in spite you loaded that wad from another folder.
Same problem happened with [Load Wad] button.

- Replaced old "browse folder" dialog in Settings window
In old wadmerger, when you wished change some folder from settings window, will show a selfbuilt dialog to browse the folder.
Now that browse folder it has been replace with a more comfortable Windows dialog.

---- History ------------------------------------------

- Fixed bug about misplaced position of buttons
In first release, on some computers, the new trng buttons it will be drawn in wrong position

- Fixed bug about crash about saving/loading wad file
In first release, on some computers, there was a crash when user click on [Load Wad] or [Save Wad]

- Moved rotation and 3d view buttons
In first release, the position of new 3d View and Rotate Meshes buttons, were too closed to timeline and it happened to hit them accidentally.

- Added buttons to move meshes
Since that, using colored pivots to move meshes, it was easy move the meshes also on axis different that wished, I added new trng buttons to move meshes in more precise way.
Note: under the move mesh buttons, there will be real values in tomb raider units of absolute position of current mesh, while in the Move mesh window there is the proportional value, where "1" it means one sector.

- Fixed bug about missed releasing of Windows resources
In previou release some internal resources (handles of device context, HDC) were not correctly released, with the result that, after a long usage of wadmerger, Windows had no more resources to run correctly.

- Fixed misplaced position for "3d Vide and Mesh buttons" frame
The position of the frame in some circustances was covered by 3D window and it doesn't change its position in according with current size of Animation Editor window.

---- History ------------------------------------------

- Fixed bug about 500 moveable slot limit.
In spite michiel had expanded the size of internal arrays to host upto 1000 moveables, I met problems when I added a further new slot with id 500.
Studying the problem I discovered a bug that failed the copying of moveable with slot ID >= 500.

- Improved management of "Speed" field.
Now you can set also for speed decimal (dot numbers) values.

- Added fields for lateral speed
Now you can set the lateral speed "L-Speed:" and lateral acceleration "L-Accel:"
The tomb raider engine always used these two fields but in the past their target was unknown.
Setting a valid value in these hiddend fields you can to do move an object at its right (positive speed) or at its left (negative speed), both with its side acceleration field linked with it.
Since that common Speed allows to move forward (positive values) or backward (negative values), now you can set a speed to move the item in any hortogonal direction.

- Fixed bug about invalid text typed in Speed field.
In original wad merger when you set a "-" (to type a negative number) it occured a crash.
Same speech for any other key different than digits.
Now all invalid values will be simply ignored.

- Changed default position for Animation Wizard window
That was not a real bug, of course, anyway it was a bit boring that the wizard window was placed always in top left side of animation editor, where there are all menu and button commands to use. 
Now the wizard window will be drawn at right, where it doesn't cover anything of important.

- Fixed bug about misplaced frame pointer.
This bug occured in this situation:
* The slideshow of animation was off
* The frame bar was pointing on one of last frames of current animation
* You clik on animation list choosing a different animation that has a number of frames lower than previous animation (or you clicked on [New Animation] button)
* Now the frame bar is pointing to an unexisting frame of new animation
* In this situation if you set some command that affected the current frame, wad merger crashed

Above bug has been fixed, forcing always the frame 0, in frame bar, everytime you click (at first time) on a new animation.

- Replaced the name of "Command 3" animcommand.
Now you can see the name for this command that describes its target: "Free Hands"
When this animacommand will be performed the engine will consider that lara had free hands: no weapons, torch, or grabbing wall.
You should use this animcommand when you make an animation that begins while lara is holding some weapon/torch, and you wish that she, at end of the animation, had free hands, not only for the meshes (this is your target to realize with animation) but also for the engine. In this way lara will be able newly to extract weapons or grab walls, climbing ect.

- Added expanded description for trng setposition animcommands.
Now, when an animcommand is from trng, you'll see in the list also the description about trigger, frame and extra parameters of that setposition command.

- Fixed crashes for editing of animation fields
When there is "no animation" selected, any change in (many) animation fields, like "StateId:", "NextAnimation", "Speed" ect, affected a crash.
This crash happened also clicking on [Replay] button.

- Added buttons for moving 3d view.
Now, labelled as "3D View" there are three little graphic buttons to zoom, move and rotate the current 3d view.
They are simply duplicated of already present keyboard+mouse commands to get above targets, anyway I used a meta-sequoia style to move 3d view because it is more user-friendly, IMHO.

- Added buttons for mesh rotation
In spite there were already three different ways to rotate selected mesh, I  didn't like any of them so much.
The "Relative" rotation, whereby the "Rotate" window, sometimes messed up the animation.
The "Absolute" rotating, worked, but it's not easy set an absolute value when you wish rotate a bit more/less current mesh.
By other hand, the further method: grabbing the red/green/blue pivots in 3d view, it's not always so easy to realize; in some position it seems impossible grabbing it, and so you had to move 3d view and trying over and over.
These three new rotate buttons, work in relative way, one for each (around) rotation axis: X (red), Y (green), Z (blues).

Note: these buttons will be available only when you popup the old [Rotate] window, while when the [Rotate] window is missing, also the rotate mesh buttons will be invisible.

- Added Frame Collision box panel.
It has been added a panel about frame collision box.
Now you can customize manually current frame collision box.
I added this feature because wad merger supported only the automatic creation of collision boxes with bounding but when you needed to change a bit the collision box it was necessary using FixAnim program, working on tr4 file.
Now you can perform these operations directly from wad merger.
In the collision box panel there are are also three buttons:
[Copy] To copy current collision box to clipboard
[Paste] To set in current frame the collision box saved in clipboard
[Set All] To copy current collision box to all other frames of current animation.

- Fixed some bugs about trmvb file importing
* When the moveable had only one mesh there was a "Subscription out of range" error
* When the object had triangle textures, the program gave very often a "Overflow" error
* When the object was a new NG object, wad merger assigned to it always the slot 0 (LARA), prompting for replacing and moving it to lara slot
* After the importing the object was misplaced on Z axis (missing of conversion for Z translation point)
* After the importing the collision box of moveable was messed up (for obscure reasons)

- Improved [Load Wad] button command.
Now you can reload last wad file you had elaborated in previous job session, cliking the [Load Wad] button, keeping down the CTRL key.

- Improved [Save Wad] button command
In standard wadmerger it was always necessary browse and choose the .was file to save, also when you wished only save current wad file on disk with same name.
Now if you keep down the CTRL key while you click on [Save Wad] button, it  will be saved on disk the current wad, with no prompting or browsing operations.

- Added new button: [<< Static] in main window of WadMerger
I added a new button to copy static items from source wad to target wad.
It has been necessary to fix a bug in static copying with common [<< Copy] button: the extra static items were ignored by old button.

Note: theoratically you should use the new [<< Static] button only when you selected a static in source wad, anyway, if you select a moveable the new button will work like old [<< Copy] button but with smartcopy (temporarily) disabled.

- Fixed bug about renaming of static object
This bug occured when you copied a static with [<< Copy] button holding down the SHIFT key to rename the static.
In standard wadmerger the renaming had no effect and the static kept the original objectid/name of source wad.

- Fixed bug about key_hole copying
In original wadmerger program, when you try to copy a key_holeN item from source wad to target wad and the smartcopy is enabled, the program gave a error message: "Unable to use SmartCopy! Please hold SHIFT while pressing the copy buttoUnable to use SmartCopy!"
- Fixed bug in Animation Wizard procedure
In original Wadmerger program, when you created a new animated sequence with Animation Wizard, it happens, very often, that last frame of new animation had mesh positions of first frame instead by last frame you had set in animation wizard phase.

- Added settings about cloned meshes
It has been added a new setting option, you find in Settings window of Wad merger program, labelled as "Do not remove cloned meshes"
Original wadmerger had a check to avoid to save twice the two (or more) meshes that had same data (vertices, faces ect).
In this way the final wad file was shorter and this is good, anyway in some circustance this removal of duplicated (or cloned) meshes affected some trouble. It happens when you are working to create a swap mesh or new outfits and you cann't really getting a copy of another lara (or enemy) since wadmerger used same mesh for both moveables.
Now you can disable this removal, checking the fixer setting "Do not remove cloned meshes" and when you save the wad, each moveable will have its own meshes in distinct way for further elaborations.

Note: since the disabling of cloned mesh removal affects a big increase of wad size, I suggest to use only temporarily this new fixer option, while you are working on new objects, then, when you completed your job, you should disable it to remove newly the duplicated meshes.
- Supported uv mapped objects from .trmvb files
In the past, when you remap object from tr4 file using meta2tr program, the final object was not importable in wad files because the uvmapped textures had an uncompatible format (not orthogonal bounding) with wad format.
Anyway now it's possible importing in wad files, object uvmapped following this procedure:
1) Remap object from tr4 using metasequoia and meta2tr programs.
2) Export from tr4 file the object as .trmvb file, using TrViewer program
3) Import the .trmvb file in wad merger using [Import] button.
4) Now trng fixer will detected the presence of uvmapped texture in the object and will prompt you to remap the object.
5) You answer: [Yes] and the object will be imported in the wad like a common moveable

Note: after the remapping a new file file will be created with same name of source .trmvb but with added the prefix "UVM_" (UVMapped). If in the future you wish import newly this object you can use this UVM_ file, since now the object in this file it has been alredy remapped with compatible textures, avoiding to repeat the remapping procedure.

- Improved trmvb file importing
* When trmvb file contains objects from tr1/2 or 3 adventure, the file will be updated, to follow tr4 standards, to be imported correctly in WadMerger.
This procedure will create also a new .trmvb file with same source name but with prefix "tr4_" to remember that it has been already converted to tr4 standard.
* Now wadmarger will ask about the slot where insert the imported object

- Fixed bug about sprites
In original wad merger program it was not possible delete sprites object from the wad.

- Fixed some bug about .trc level loading
* When wadmerger loaded a level from Tomb Raider Chronicles there were many errors about building sfx sounds from animations.
* Some .trc levels stopped the loading with error message: "ReadTr -> Error reading level Opening file"

- Fixed bug in .swd creation.
Original wad merger, when it created the .swd file (the file containing  sprite data) the sprite map had many empty zones for a bad alignment, affecting a big (futile) growth of this map.

- Fixed bug in large sprite management
Original Wadmerger was not able to manage sprites with size larger than 128x128 pixels.
Now max size is 256x256 pixels.

Note: in spite now WadMerger is able to support sprites upto 256x256 pixel, the NG tom2pc program failed to remap sprites with this size. So, until I'll not fix that bug in tom2pc program, you can use only sprites with max size of 255x255 pixels.