TRNG Sender Module

You can use this module to send:
  • Warnings about bugs in TRNG Library (Tomb_NextGeneration.dll), NG Center or other trng tools
  • Suggestions about improvements for trng tools and trng tomb4 program
  • Requests for add ons (new features/skills) in tomb4 or trng tools
  • Requests for technical infos (not available in common trng documentation)


Category of Request or Signalation

BUGS: a signalation of some bug
IMPROVEMENT: Request to improve some trng tool
NEW FEATURE: Request to add new featurs or skills
INFOS: Request for technical infos

Your Profile

LEVEL BUILDER (No knowledge about programming)
ADVANCED LEVEL BUILDER (trying to learn programming)
PROGRAMMER (you have already good knowing about programming)

Your Email: (Optional but if you wish receiving a reply it's better supply it)