Sources of TRNG Tools

In this page you find the sources of all Tomb Raider Next Generation programs.
Some programs are Visual Basic 6.0 sources while other have been developed on Microsft Visual C 6.0,
I suggest you to read also descriptions of different tools, to be able to understand how to handle all this material.

My Hope

I hope that there will be a chance to keep alive at least one trng feature (in future engins): the plugin chance.
Because I believe that to give the chance to any programmer to add easily new features, preserving the compatibility with the engine, it remains a good idea.
The fear, at the opposite, it's that it will born a lot of different egines and formats, with very litlle chances, for an independet programmer, to add his features in these new engines without managing their massive source files.

Do a good action: adopt an Engine!

Among different scenarios, for the future of tomb raider level editor world, I want to hope that there was also the chance that some programmer (or a pool of programmers) decided to develope new trng versions: fixing bugs and adding new features, preserving the trng legacy.

Basically it is possible, since, having all trng sources, you could produce new updates of NG_Center and Tomb_NextGeneration.dll.
I support and encourage you to back trng legacy and move on this way, keeping alive these tools.

Surely among many tools, the ngle.exe (ex winroomedit) program it is the less reliable program. (By the way, I've not yet been able to do work it under Windows 11, but I performed only few attempts).
My idea is that the best solution, it could be a tomb_nextgeneration.dll moved on by different programmers, working togheter, to avoid uncompatible versions and, at same time, a new level editor that was able to produce trng compatible files.

We'll see ... let'hope.

Trng Tools Download

Icon Name Tools Download Description
Visual Basic 6.0 Tools:

NG Stripper
Ripara Lista strutture Visual C
TRNG Installer
VB Progetti_TRNG.rar (194 MB) Most of these tools are well known, I want to say some words only on tools that I had never shared.
Two folders: "NG_Constant_crypt" and "Scripter_Crypt_bin" folder contains sources to get two little utilities: NG_CRYPT.exe and Scripter_CRYPT.exe
Above two utilites have the target to "compile" the source .txt files: "ng_constants.txt" (in trle folder) and (respectively) "scripter_constants.txt" (in ng_center folder).
The reason of this conversion it's that to be used by NGLE.exe program (the "ng_constants.txt"file) or by the NG_Center program (the "scripter_constants.txt" file) requires to be converted to a .bin version and then these two binary versions (ngconsta.bin and scripter_binary.bin) are present as resoruce files in above two program sources. In this way, these programs will not read the .txt file but the binary version embedded in their exe/dll code.
This means that, when you modify trigger definitions (in ng_constants.txt file), or constants of NG_Center (in scripter_cosntants.txt file) then you should remember to do run the specific converter utilities and then build newly the program, so to have the updated .bin resource in the program.

Remark: main folder of NG_Center program is really the "NG_Scripter" folder.
Microsoft Visual C 6.0 Tools

VC Progetti TRNG.rar (41.8 MB) Lib_Wave is a library used to convert the format of .wav files

Tomb_log is the Tomb4_log program, used to catch log messages from Tomb4.exe engine

Tomb5_log is alike than above but it works for tomb5.exe engine

Tomb_NextGeneration is the well known library to support most of trng features.

Trng_Fixer is the folder with source to get trng_fixer.dll that works with wadmerger.exe
Assembly Sources of WadMerger program WadMerger_asm.rar (1,87 MB) This disassembled of original WsdMerger. program has info about all patches to link the program with trng_fixer.
For this reason it could be useful if you want to improve the program working on trng_fixer code.
Trle_Esperimenti folder Trle_Esperimenti.rar (379 MB) The trle folder I used to develope trng tools should be not strictly necessary, anyway there is a lot of files saved there, and I was feared to forget some little utility or doc files.
So, in the case you miss some file, you could look for it in this folder.
Note: to reduce the size of download, I removed from this folder all not trng specific files. Therefor, at the moment it could be not used to play tomb4. Anyway you could add at this folder the original tr4 files like levels, audio files ect.
Visual Basic 6 tools
for Tr Level Manager 2009

Gestione Update Livelli Trlm2009
Patcher Trlm
PreInstaller per Trlm2009
Supervisor Trlm2009
VB Progetti TRLM.rar (353 MB) In spite Tr Level Manager is not strictly linked to trng tools, I share also these source files.
They are all Visual Basic 6 sources. If some programmer wants, he could update Level Manager to handle also nowdays custom levels.