Official website of the Next Generation Tools

Tomb Raider Next Generation (TRNG) tools, improve the TRLE tools used to build custom levels with the engine, supplied by Eidos, of Tomb Raider - The Last Revelation.

Many objects have beed added, some imported by other TR adeventures, like boat or frog-man, other builded ex-novo like Detector or Elevator.

There is a new scripter program named NG_Center. This program other to build your script.dat supplies other little tools.

In this website you find all necessary to build your level, with the only exception of Level Editor program (TRLE). Anyway you can download for free the TRLE (level editor program) from many websites on the net.
Try here: Download page of website

Download TRNG Tools

At least once, you have to install the full setup.
After this first full setup you can update the trng tools installing the last update.

MK5 - TRNG Full Setup (17.5 MB)
Supports: Windows Xp/7/8/10

Updates are available for download from NG_Center's Updates Panel

Translation Project
(To have TRNG in your language)

WadMerger+Trng_Fixer (505 Kb) (History Fixer

Download page for Plugin SDK

Module to Signal Bugs or sending Requests for Infos or new Features

Download Demos

Last Demo: "Plugin Demo" and "InputBox_StaticMip"

Help and Manuals

TRNG Script Reference Manual by STEPHEN COOPER (.PDF file)

Manuale Italiano tradotto e integrato da Franky (file PDF)

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Next Gen Level Editör ve Diger Yan Programlar (Üyelik Gerektirir)

Support the TRNG project

Level Manager and Next Generation tools are free and they will remain free forever.
Anyway the times are not so good and the maintenance of webiste has a cost and I spend many time to support my job for Lara's world.
This is first time I place a [donate] link, because I'm not in the habit to ask something, it should be better a world where all is free, but since the real world goes in some other direction I placed this link to let an opened door for who wishes enter in the world of free programs ...